• Rattan Furnitur - Rattan Sofa

    Rattan Furniture is perfect if you are planning a birthday party or wedding or just a party with your friends, as you and your friends will surely receive pleasant feelings and memories. Rattan Outdoor Furniture will help you to create an amazing patio. Moreover, Outdoor Rattan Sofas is a trend now. With an Outdoor Sofa or Patio wicker Rattan Sofa Set furniture you are not limited by your inside living space and you can enjoy the bright moments of your life in the open air.. Rattan Garden Sofas is perfect if you are planning a birthday party or wedding or just a party with your friends, as you and your friends will surely receive pleasant feelings and memories. wicker sofas will help you to create an amazing patio. Moreover, outdoor sofa furniture is a trend now. With an Rattan Outdoor Furniture or Outdoor Rattan Sofa Set you are not limited by your inside living space and you can enjoy the bright moments of your life in the open air. The material of Wicker Sofa Sets is synthetic wicker. While buying Rattan Corner Sofa you can combine different types of wood and wicker (dark or light), also you can use different types and sizes of cushions and color combinations. Of course, it's quite advisable to choose rattan garden sofa set because it's resistant and waterproof.

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  • Patio Dining Furniture

    Do you think you will never be able to have a rest or just spend peacefully your leisure in your garden ? Just look over your patio and you'll see that it has great potential to become one of the most attractive places in your house. If you want to create a comfortable place to interact with you family and to enjoy your family time, it's necessary for your to buy a Patio Furniture Set- Rattan Chair and Rattan Dining chairs. To maximize your patio living area, to make it more beautiful and delightful you must choose the right kind of Outdoor Dining Furniture Set, you can purchase classic or modern Patio Dining Chairs and Patio Dining Tables. Now Outdoor Wicker Rattan Dining furniture set is the most popular style, they can be colorful and easily store so we believe you will choose them when you see.

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  • Patio Furniture Bar Sets

    Rattan Bar Set mainly includes some traditional and interesting combined pieces, they are for both outdoor and indoor using. Rattan Bar Set can be easily stored, and famous for this kind of design, they are been named by their outlook, like bullet, flowerpot, pyramid, and so on. They are suitable for Rattan Bar Set or leisure using. Rattan Garden Furniture Set is a perfect way out to alter or to freshen up your pyramid or patio. Patio furniture sets do not only look stylish, but also make an attractive adding to your patio living space, which helps you to increase the quantity of seating places without using some additional space. Bar stool suit for communication and entertainment at home during parties or evenings. Some bars, restaurants and resorts also use counter stools to attract visitors, to make their outdoor areas more agreeable and comfortable. While choosing the material for your Rattan Garden Furniture Set you should think about weather conditions in your area. If you don't want to take a lot care of Rattan Bar Set, choose the metal or synthetic wicker ones, because you can keep them outside for all year and all weather almost without special protection.

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  • Chaise Lounges - Lounge Chair - Rattan Beach Chair

    Chaise lounge is a great selection of styles and materials, which can be used at your patio, garden, poolside area or in the backyard. Create your own stylish patio space with modern and smart outdoor rattan furniture. Improve the look of your garden with the most suitable Rattan Furniture design. Rattan Outdoor Furniture offers various attractive options including patio rattan sofas, patio dining furniture, rattan chaise lounges, etc, to meet your exact needs in decorating a modern outdoor patio area. After choosing your favorite Rattan Beach Chair, you also maybe have your own loved color cushions or tent need to match your chaise lounge, it's all ok and you will find your favorite Outdoor Rattan Furniture fittings also in Rattan Beach Chair. There are many different kinds of Rattan Beach Chair for your choices, some bigger pieces like lounge sofa with ottoman, sun bed, also some small pieces like rolling chairs, they are very leisure with cushions, you will relax down and have a good rest after one-day hard working.

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  • Outdoor rattan furniture raw material classification

    Woven rattan furniture for outdoor family members are mainly bamboo and rattan, PE rattan, white rattan and red vines. Rattan vine called agate, known as the king of rattan. This is the most expensive of the finest vine, native to Indonesia and Malaysia. It is not only the surface appearance, but also has a high degree of water resistance, its organizational structure dense, highly flexible, easy to burst, so durable. Another is the red vine rattan, yield, low prices, generally used for making rattan shelf, decorative rattan rattan and other lower level.In addition to the preparation of white rattan outdoor furniture and accessories, there are two kinds of rattan products, by-products can also come in handy. One is peeled off from the vine rod Tengpi used to weave reed products, but also as a framework of metal and rattan decorative surface. Another product is the central portion of the vine, known vine heart. Just cut it smaller in diameter, you can weave wicker, with decoration and support purposes. Also useful for the preparation of rattan chairs and other furniture of the heart. In southern China, people are accustomed to using the cane made cabinets, cabinets, a few, cases, screen, frames, chairs, tables and beds. Now with the gradual increase awareness of environmental protection and the trend of increasing prevalence return to nature, a variety of rattan, green technology products began to enter millions of households, a new round of home decoration fashion. Rattan is a kind of dense strong and lightweight tough natural materials, has a fear of crowded, not afraid of pressure, pliable and flexible features. Now people are in love with rattan furniture, mostly inspired by modern technology and means of artistic creation. Past rattan, giving the impression is often a rough surface and susceptible to infestation, not go far. Outdoor rattan furniture is now already in the production process to overcome these shortcomings, fine materials were processed, but also through ultraviolet light disinfection, steam heat treatment machines to pull in o a certain length of rattan raw materials and fine specifications, so that the surface is made of rattan delicate, smooth, and has anti-virus, anti-moth and health characteristics. The traditional in o the modern rattan furniture design concept, by the well-trained workers according to designers and craftsmen design hand woven in o a decorative functional sections melt in one of the rattan furniture or small ornaments. Very sophisticated post-production, but also through lighting, varnish painting, and even painted the color of the finished look solid and durable. In shape from the traditional framework jumped out, a change in the past primitive, clumsy. Many outdoor rattan furniture design too soft and smooth lines, shapes and luxurious comfort, quite bold and elegant style, without losing the simplicity of the outdoor rattan furniture, natural, fresh and full of refreshing features modern and stylish and full of features a modern and stylish charm

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