The Tips knowlege of furniture

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First, how to remove burn marks and scratches on furniture Desktop

Remove the watermark on the paint

Let the wet paint cup on the table often leave lap annoying watermark, how to quickly get rid of them too? You can spread a watermark on the table top clean, damp cloth, and then use an iron on

At a lower temperature ironing, thus the moisture can penetrate evaporated film, so that the watermark disappears.

However, using this method, use wipes not be too thin, the iron temperature without adjustable too high. Otherwise, the watermark on the desktop is gone, but that can not afford a brand but never removed.

Eliminate furniture paint burn marks

If not careful, wooden furniture surfaces are likely to leave burn marks, do not panic, under normal circumstances, as long as you can wipe with a rag promptly removed. However, if the burn marks too deep, you can gently wipe the top with iodine, or put Vaseline oil on top, the next day and then a soft cloth can remove burn marks on it.


Second, how to maintain white furniture with stress

Pristine white always stand in the forefront of fashion, in the ordinary view, white as bland as boiled water. White is the most mysterious one color - this time the sound of silence. White furniture, or whether it is a European-style Korean won a lot of young consumers. Because of her classical and modern beauty combine to give the feeling of home is fresh and natural. However, white furniture also has its inherent shortcomings, because it is white, maintenance care tiring, it is prone to yellowing, the following Xiaobian give you a few techniques of economy, simple wipe furniture tips

Toothpaste: Toothpaste can make furniture whitening. White furniture a long time will turn yellow, if you use toothpaste to clean, it will have changed, but the operation can not be too hard, otherwise it will damage the film.

Milk: Milk can eliminate odors inside the furniture. First placed in a cup of boiling milk inside the furniture (cupboards class), the doors closed, until the milk removed after cooling, the furniture inside the original smell will disappear.

Vinegar: Vinegar rely gloss furniture restoration. Lot of furniture will lose its luster after aging, then just add a little vinegar in hot water, then use a soft cloth dipped in vinegar and water and wipe gently. Until the water is completely dry and then polish with furniture polish can restore luster.

Glycerin: cleaning furniture, a few drops of glycerin in water, can be cleaned more thoroughly clean.

However, avoid using water to scrub, but do not use soap or soda, it will affect the furniture surface finish, and even cause the paint off.

These are a few tips for daily maintenance of furniture, but if want to thoroughly clean the furniture, it is best to seek cleaning company.


Third, furniture and maintenance of furniture also needs moisture

Rain, better air humidity also increase accordingly, damp moldy furniture began to highlight the issue. How to make furniture, mildew, and listen to have been.

Furniture sub-four, sheet metal furniture, wood furniture, rattan furniture and metal glass furniture. Sheet metal furniture of the timber is generally artificial board, including fiberboard, particleboard, etc., are particularly vulnerable to

Damp moldy. In damp weather, use a soft dry cloth to wipe the mist condenses on it and let the room ventilation. If the results are still not satisfactory, you can also use charcoal to absorb moisture in the room.

Solid wood furniture is better moisture resistance than furniture, but its maintenance can not be taken lightly. Solid wood furniture and maintenance point is to keep the shine on weekdays will be devoted to furniture cleaners evenly on the surface of the furniture, then wipe gently, so you can ensure isolation moisture. Colored paint on the furniture, avoid direct sunlight.

Rattan furniture porous, humid weather, the home of all kinds of insects will multiply, so regular cleaning. If you have furniture paint off phenomenon, you need to fix the paint during cleaning.

Although many components of metal furniture use stainless steel, but do not wipe the water, or water and some minerals react easily with metal corrosion thus making weekdays with a dry cloth to gently wipe away dust. Glass panels will have to guard against scratches, so what is best placed on top with a soft cloth or foam pads and other items.

Home sofa leather and fabric sofas currently based. Leather sofa leather usually keep clean, to avoid some of the things attached to the above pH, keep the leather is relatively dry, it can effectively prevent mildew from happening. Sofa will have relatively complex, for cheaper, and with a brush with small wheels gently brush to clean the dust; while for higher prices, the best to use a special vacuum cleaner to the surface Dust net absorption. In humid weather, you can also blow sofa with a hairdryer, eliminate moisture inside the sofa.

Fourth, a variety of sofas and coffee tables with the law

Sofa and coffee table, there is no doubt it is the protagonist of the living room. Do you like classical, I appreciate modern in style is definitely something between personal freedom, but do not forget, "fit" the law can not be ignored.

Blue-gray sofa is an innovative, irregular shape is a pleasure. Life needs such fun. Like a big coffee table in front of white candy, sweet to savor the memories of your own.
Sofa two facets, table a slice, concise extreme design, you need to fill it with imagination emotion. Unified style, and then planning colors. There is only black and white, minimalist where they are in the mainstream forever.

White paint, carved, gilded, is a model of classical style woman in mind, should belong to Audrey Hepburn. Coffee table with pink print on the desktop, legs with graceful curves and patterns, refined is their common features.

Southeast wind rattan furniture is an important element. In additions to some of the tricks rattan sofa cushions, there is exotic. Coffee table design naturally have a taste of the kingdom, veneer, texture can not easily odor. Sofa like a painter's brush lines, seemingly random, but it is visible. Dark red cushions broke rattan single feeling. Exquisite coffee table has a gossip graph, a deep one shallow, very interesting.