The knowlege about metal furniture

2016/11/23 admin 65

Commonly known as "wood furniture" from professional should understand the concept of metal furniture, wood furniture can be only one kind of metal furniture, metal furniture range is much broader. Where metal tubes, plates or sticks and other materials as the main structure, with wood, all kinds of plywood, glass, stone and other manufacturing furniture and materials made entirely of metal, wrought iron furniture, metal furniture collectively.


Metal furniture finishes can be said colorful, can be a variety of beautiful colors of the polyurethane powder coating, it can be light can Kam chrome; may be shining bright, luxurious and elegant titanium nitride or titanium carbide vacuum coating, also titanium and pink spray can be two or more colors matched graced the perfect combination. At present, the international community began to pop and K gold plated black gold plating process, but the quality and taste of metal furniture in o a very high level. Metal furniture sets using functional and aesthetic functions in one, and some of the best high-grade collectible value.


Modern metal furniture Main components mostly a thickness of 1 to 1.2mm-quality stainless steel or carbon steel thin-walled metal tube such as the production of aluminum. Because thin-walled metal tube toughness, ductility, design according the designer to make the art of ingenuity, imagination full play, processed in o a variety of curves and colorful, graceful curved shape and style. Rather artistic taste of the metal tube main frame and then with wood, plywood, cloth, stone, glass and other accessories or ornaments ingenious combination, develop their different styles, thousands of charm, very enjoyable. Many metal furniture form a unique, avant-garde style, showing strong personalized style, wooden furniture, these are often difficult to compare and match.

Transition metal furniture surface layer in accordance with a process can be divided in o the following five categories: paint metal furniture, metal furniture spray, electroplating metal furniture, metal furniture, chrome, nickel metal furniture. Which paint furniture lowest cost, but it is easy Diaoqi rust; spray, plating, chrome metal furniture is more commonly used, including chrome plating furniture furniture craft than finer, lighter and more smooth surface; nickel-plated furniture used is the latest plating process , waterproof.


Accordance with the material to points, can be divided in o five categories:

First, copper-based material, the bronze often combined with cloth or stone, showing antique style.

Second, gold-plated and brass furniture, shining golden luster, with a gorgeous temperament, but also the common European antique style furnishings.

Third, steel white metal light, cold and rational, Italian style that is often combined with steel and leather to show a strong sense of design simplicity.

Fourth, wrought iron material can be painted or plated color, often cast as a vine-like composition, mysterious and elegant, whether it is just part of the whole piece of furniture or decoration, all seem impressed.

fifth, aluminum alloy and tempered glass often combined in o a simple and clean, very modern practicality furniture.


Categories and varieties of metal furniture is very rich, suitable for bedroom, living room, dining room furniture used readily available. These metals can be a good furniture in different rooms to create a family needed a different atmosphere, but also more diversified and make home-style very modern. Nearly two years in the domestic financial budding iron furniture in Western classical charm among seemingly rough style, simple and elegant yet modern atmosphere, quite artistic appreciation of the value and aesthetic value, for today's furniture market has added a unique landscape.


Metal prices than solid wood furniture, wooden furniture, a lot to be low, which is a nice salary but obsessed with the family decorated lightweight scenery and unique creative persons and income is not rich, but pay attention to the benefits and beauty of the family, are described as is inexpensive.