Several features of rattan furniture

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Rattan is one of the natural woven material, rattan has good softness elasticity, so the vines can weave a variety of woven rattan handicrafts. Rattan furniture is the world's oldest varieties of furniture, people living with vines preparation appliances, including rattan beds, cabinets, a few, cases, rattan sofas, screens and other products. Because natural materials and environmentally friendly products, rattan furniture is increasingly favored by consumers.
First, the most environmentally friendly low-carbon furniture

Cane is grown in tropical forests as a spiny palm climbing plants, regeneration ability, the longest stems of plants. Rattan biodegradable, environmentally friendly use of rattan furniture. Rattan furniture rely on traditional handicraft production, made from natural materials, rarely used on the human body, environmentally harmful chemical elements, is recognized as a low-carbon green furniture.

Rattan furniture ergonomic curvature produced by the framework, for weaving, soft and elastic. Suitable for sedentary office people relax your body. Rattan furniture, breathable, cool in summer, hot and humid weather is particularly suitable for the South. Even in winter, rattan furniture, but also conveys the warmth and gentleness of nature. If coupled with the wicker chair cushion or fur pad, will become full of warm Desks. Rattan furniture in o a home decoration fashion, reflects the people's awareness of environmental protection and the desire to return to nature.
Second, rattan wood furniture trends

Vine origin mainly in Southeast Asian countries, rattan furniture on the market mainly in Southeast Asian style. "Southeast Asian style respect for nature, juice, flavor, focusing on arts and crafts. Southeast Asian style follows the original rattan, wood tones, mostly brown and other dark lines in the visual gives a natural, rustic feel, on behalf of natural random, back to nature attitude to life. coupled with fabric embellishment, active Smart. while multi-use fabric shades dazzle color series, with dark colors, the light will change, calm trace of extravagance.

Chinese garden style is popular, rattan furniture has a natural superior to simple as the main feature of the Chinese garden style, realized the true nature of vine return. Rattan furniture rattan mainly to wood complemented by more to "drum", "empty", "discount", "song" and "arc", we pay attention to symmetry, the preparation of a variety of different methods to compile. European and American style rattan furniture luxurious atmosphere, color emphasis on mahogany color, material carving more. Art with more choice of dark cloth upscale fabrics, accompanied by embroidery and other techniques, upscale look luxurious. European and American style rattan furniture and more for luxury villas.

As scarcity of raw materials, rattan furniture came in o being. Vine in the expanding family, in addition to Indonesia rattan, river plants in Malaysia, Thailand veneer, Nordic ash strips are not in the strict sense is also often used for processing rattan cane furniture. Plastics, paper rope, cloth, etc. are also used rattan furniture.
Third, rattan furniture placed with

Usually dark space suit dark brown or brown hue rattan furniture, decorated with beige, light brown or brown with color tablecloths or cushion. Space to choose light colored furniture rattan furniture, with lively and bright cushions and fabric ornaments, elegant and calm feeling. Yellow-based tone rattan sofa, put on white cushions, funky, revealed romance.

In the whole set of rattan sofa, the case, a few, such as putting a small basins green plants, can smell the delicate water stream in the forest, the quiet atmosphere. Room with rattan furniture a little embellishment, it becomes ethereal outpouring vibrant. Revealing not only knit summer coolness, even compiled a rustic garden style.

Placed in the home of a beautiful rattan furniture, from the overall giving a natural and an Art Nouveau taste, fascinating in that between traditional hand appreciation. Rattan weaving crafts are handmade art show, is a figure of national culture.