Remove burn marks and scratches on furniture Desktop

2021-12-24 16:05:27 xiatuyou 21

Remove the watermark on the paint:

Let the wet paint cup on the table often leave lap annoying watermark, how to quickly get rid of them too? You can spread a watermark on the table top clean, damp cloth, and then use an iron on

At a lower temperature ironing, thus the moisture can penetrate evaporated film, so that the watermark disappears.

However, using this method, use wipes not be too thin, the iron temperature without adjustable too high. Otherwise, the watermark on the desktop is gone, but that can not afford a brand but never removed.

Eliminate furniture paint burn marks:

If not careful, wooden furniture surfaces are likely to leave burn marks, do not panic, under normal circumstances, as long as you can wipe with a rag promptly removed. However, if the burn marks too deep, you can gently wipe the top with iodine, or put Vaseline oil on top, the next day and then a soft cloth can remove burn marks on it.