Maintain the white furniture

2021-12-24 16:08:57 xiatuyou 21

Pristine white always stand in the forefront of fashion, in the ordinary view, white as bland as boiled water. White is the most mysterious one color - this time the sound of silence. White furniture, or whether it is a European-style Korean won a lot of young consumers. Because of her classical and modern beauty combine to give the feeling of home is fresh and natural. However, white furniture also has its inherent shortcomings, because it is white, maintenance care tiring, it is prone to yellowing, the following Xiaobian give you a few techniques of economy, simple wipe furniture tips

Toothpaste: Toothpaste can make furniture whitening. White furniture a long time will turn yellow, if you use toothpaste to clean, it will have changed, but the operation can not be too hard, otherwise it will damage the film.

Milk: Milk can eliminate odors inside the furniture. First placed in a cup of boiling milk inside the furniture (cupboards class), the doors closed, until the milk removed after cooling, the furniture inside the original smell will disappear.

Vinegar: Vinegar rely gloss furniture restoration. Lot of furniture will lose its luster after aging, then just add a little vinegar in hot water, then use a soft cloth dipped in vinegar and water and wipe gently. Until the water is completely dry and then polish with furniture polish can restore luster.

Glycerin: cleaning furniture, a few drops of glycerin in water, can be cleaned more thoroughly clean.

However, avoid using water to scrub, but do not use soap or soda, it will affect the furniture surface finish, and even cause the paint off.

These are a few tips for daily maintenance of furniture, but if want to thoroughly clean the furniture, it is best to seek cleaning company.