Outdoor rattan furniture raw material classification

2021-12-24 20:30:59 admin 159

Woven rattan furniture for outdoor family members are mainly bamboo and rattan, PE rattan, white rattan and red vines. Rattan vine called agate, known as the king of rattan. This is the most expensive of the finest vine, native to Indonesia and Malaysia. It is not only the surface appearance, but also has a high degree of water resistance, its organizational structure dense, highly flexible, easy to burst, so durable.

Another is the red vine rattan, yield, low prices, generally used for making rattan shelf, decorative rattan rattan and other lower level.In addition to the preparation of white rattan outdoor furniture and accessories, there are two kinds of rattan products, by-products can also come in handy. One is peeled off from the vine rod Tengpi used to weave reed products, but also as a framework of metal and rattan decorative surface. Another product is the central portion of the vine, known vine heart. Just cut it smaller in diameter, you can weave wicker, with decoration and support purposes. Also useful for the preparation of rattan chairs and other furniture of the heart.