Outdoor furniture is gradually integrated into our lives

2021-12-24 16:02:35 admin 187

Previously, outdoor furniture is the patent of mansion, villa, a symbol of the identity and status. When the outdoor furniture has become a part of the fashion life, urbanites was unable to hold back the enthusiasm for it. In fact just heart decorate, a balcony, even if only a corner can construct garden.

To break the outdoor furniture and indoor furniture line, now many outdoor furniture designers pay more attention to design, to accord with human body curve and its material properties for the two benchmark, overall modelling more streamline and rhythm feeling, on the basis of the standardized parameter, improve the performance of furniture and dimension, strive for the combination of aesthetics and ergonomics.

To make outdoor furniture to give full play to the role of the RELAX, reflect the leisure concept of returning to nature, also should pay attention to people's feelings on display, how to streamline modelling such as, circular arc, leaves and flowers as the theme, give a person with the most close to natural and comfortable feeling, let the body and mind to achieve perfect fit.